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School and after-school programme

Basic compulsory schooling in Vefsn:

For information about the schools in Vefsn, please contact Vefsn municipality's service office on tel no: 75 10 10 00 or by e-mail to:

Here you can find more information about The compulsory school in Vefsn
This information, however, is not translated into English, but the contact information will help you get in touch with the school relevant to you.

After-school programme:

All the schools have after-school programmes, except Kippermoen ungdomsskole

For further information about the after-school programme, please contact the school relevant to you.

Further education beyond compulsory school in Vefsn:

Mosjøen videregående skole
Vefsn folkehøgskole
Sandvik folkehøgskole

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